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Percy Fitzpatrick’s Lookout, Addo


Coordinates: -33.472889555491165, 25.606030215342223


This historical national monument, which overlooks the beautiful Sundays River Valley in Addo, is free to visit and is only 20 minutes from the Addo Elephant National Park entrance.

In 1862, Sir Percy Fitzpatrick was born in King Williamstown. He became a politician, mining financier, and pioneer in the fruit industry, but is also best known for authoring the book Jock of the Bushveld.

After coming to the Sundays River Valley, he founded the Sundays River Settlement Company, which encouraged people to settle in the area. He played a key role in the establishment of the citrus industry, including the first irrigation system, which was his brainchild. His plan was to channel water from the Orange River, 600 kilometres away from Sunland (and the Sundays River Valley), into this arid area, allowing agriculture to flourish here, as it does today, providing jobs and a thriving citrus export industry.

Fitzpatrick bought a piece of land next to the river and built a lookout platform where his guests could enjoy the stunning view of the surrounding valley. It is now popularly known as "The Lookout", where visitors can get a clear look at the view.

Sir Percy’s later life was clouded by a series of personal tragedies. His eldest son, Nugent, was killed in France in 1917; his wife died in 1923; his other two sons died within a week of each other in 1927. Sir Percy Fitzpatrick was buried with his family at the Lookout in 1931, overlooking the Sundays River Valley.

His only surviving daughter donated the land to the community, and it was declared a national monument in 1953.

Coordinates:  -33.472889555491165, 25.606030215342223

Sadly, over the last few years, The Lookout became neglected. The buildings required maintenance, and the once-pristine indigenous bush was littered with rubbish and growing alien vegetation.

The Addo Tourism Committee secured funds from the Sara Baartman District Municipality and recently embarked on a project to upgrade this heritage site during 2021 and 2022. Through dedicated work and passionate oversight, the project was completed within 4 months. All goods and labour were sourced locally.

The intention is to encourage our entire community to become custodians of this special place.

We believe that "Percy’s Place" will become a popular attraction for locals, visitors, and tourists to enjoy sundowners or sun uppers whilst soaking up the spectacular view where "the sun spends its winter."

This is an ongoing project, and with the support of our community, we hope to continuously maintain and upgrade the facility.

Take time out of your busy schedule, pack a picnic basket, invite your friends, and enjoy the panoramic view!

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